T- shirt bag

T- shirt bag
We make t-shirt bags from HDPE, MDPE and LDPE. Thanks to its durability, it can be used repeatedly, and the high quality imprint makes the bag a very practical and at the same time the cheapest advertising medium. T-shirts are packed in packages, which makes it easier to dispatch bags to dispatchers at the checkout.
Perfect for packaging everyday products.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have expanded our sales offer with high density polyethylene bags, according to our own developed technology, improving its performance parameters (strength, extensibility).

Available dimensions:
Width: 25- 35cm
Height: 45- 75cm
HDPE thickness: 10μm – 60μm
LDPE thickness: 20μm – 80μm

Please be advised that we treat each order individually. Parameters such as thickness, type of film or type of printing, we set together with the client and based on these data, we calculate the price. Please contact us to discuss the above details.